SUZANNAH ESPIE ‘Mother’s Not Feeling Herself Today’ CD

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‘Mothers Not Feeling Herself Today’ explores a time in Espie’s life when everything she thought to be true fractured into tiny pieces. She says “On the 21st of February 2006 I became a Mother. Before this I was playing gigs and living a life with my musician husband that in many ways I barely remember. I was determined before I became a parent to do it all, keep making music, travel the world, be a fun, fair, nurturing mother to my deliriously happy well-adjusted children, being glamorous all the while… This was not to be.”
Eight years on, Espie decided to write about this fracture, and the new album seeks to make up for something lost, to voice her truth about motherhood. It was recorded at Enclave Facility in Fawkner with engineer Jeff Lang at the helm, with Espie’s ever loyal band ‘The Last Word’ featuring Andrew Ogburn, Sean McMahon, Chris Rogers and Dave Folley.

Suzannah Espie’s sound is an intoxicating mix of country, folk, blues and soul. A gentle, sweet trill that can move grown men to tears one moment, with an Aretha-esque hellcat belt that can raise the roof the next.
The new LP is an anticipated follow up to her breakthrough 2012 record ‘Sea of Lights’, which won Rhythms Magazine ‘Album of The Year’, was picked in The Age EGs Top 15 Albums of 2012, and placed Espie firmly on the industry’s must watch list.