Steve Hackett “At The Edge Of Light” – CD

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Guitar maestro Steve Hackett has confidently released an unabashedly strong rock album with At the Edge of Light. On it he continues his penchant for incorporating musicians and instruments from around the world. This direction is not meant to merely bring additional colors to his musical palette, but to demonstrate the breaking down of walls between borders, portraying a sense that we are stronger when we bring the best of our diversity together in collaboration. With rewarding songwriting and musicianship, the overall vibe is not that of political discussion but rather of global celebration.

His global touring brings with it the fulfillment that musicians enjoying bringing their work to adoring crowds, but also exposes Hackett to the countries and locations that provide inspiration to this continually creative artist. So in keeping with a lot of his back catalogue, the album is not stuck with a single genre or style or line up – Hackett populates his audio canvas with the sounds and players who bring his vision to life. A great piece of work!