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This House, from Shane Dwight really has it’s own character and a bunch of charisma. Opening with the title track, This House, a R&B structured track done totally laid back and acoustic style… it’s quite smooth  featuring Bekka Bramlett on backing vocals and nice key work from Kevin McKendree. Next up is funky track, We Can Do This, which has more movement than anything I’ve heard of this style since Sneakin Sally Through the Alley (Robert Palmer and Little Feat)…. super guitar work and I dare you to sit still! Fool drops into a ballad slot but thankfully missing the John Mayer hook and going straight toward Fiona Apple. This is a cool track with again nice vocal backing by Bramlett and featuring a nice guitar solo from Dwight and clean drumming from Kenneth Blevins. Sing For Me (Search For Sierra) is a swampy ballad with nice guitar effects and a really strong melody and backing vocals. One of my favorites on the release. Bramlett takes the lead on It’s Gonna Be Beautiful, a pure pop track with country flair. This track has a strong hook and could easily find airplay. Devil’s Noose, a shuffle track, has the blusiest sound so far with a loose guitar solo with a lot of swing. Steve Mackey brings up the bass on this track giving it a full feel. Stepping Stone is a cool boogie track with strong rhythm guitar work from Doug Lancio giving Dwight room to play some cool over the top riffs along with his vocals. This track definitely has some of the hotter guitar riffs on the release. Never Before has a cool R&B style rhythm with uncharacteristic drum patterns transforming it to more of a rocker and then guitar riffs adding just a twist of country blues. Cool! I’m A Bad Man is a slick blues track right out of Chicago. This track gives Dwight a really nice opportunity to dig into more characteristic blues riffs. Excellent! Losing Ground is soft country pop style ballad with a lot of airplay potential and a tight hook. With a R&B root, it gives Dwight a clear opportunity to throw down a slick guitar solo to wrap the track. Bad For You incorporates heavy bass riffs like you would expect from a much heavier genre of rock but with the softness and clever vocals of soul music. A frenzied guitar solo on this track along with spoken vocals give this a totally different flavor. Wrapping the release is Crazy Today with a country/gospel sound. Dwight takes the opportunity on this track to do some real country acoustic chicken pickin. A real foot stomper complimented nicely by McKendree’s key work, it’s a perfect ending to a pretty tasty release.