SECRET SISTERS ‘You Don’t Own Me Anymore’ CD

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“We write songs as a way for us to keep a scrapbook of our lives,” says Laura Rogers, one half of the traditional-country harmony duo the Secret Sisters. On their vulnerable new album, You Don’t Own Me Anymore, Laura and sibling Lydia Rogers flip the book open wide, revealing their most personal project to date. Produced by Brandi Carlile, the sisters’ third album You Don’t Own Me Anymore didn’t come to fruition easily. There was a lawsuit with a former manager to overcome, the shadow of impending bankruptcy and the loss of their record deal following the commercial failure of their second album. With You Don’t Own Me Anymore, the Secret Sisters attempt their own difficult feat: resurrecting a career that was nearly derailed for good. Their biggest champion, Carlile, says they’ve done it. “They’ve come through the other side, they’ve made quite a few friends who will support them in whatever they do, and they will continue to give more to this world than they take away from it,” she says. “I think we’re finally seeing who the Secret Sisters are.”