SASKWATCH ‘Sorry I Let It Come Between Us’ CD

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Sorry I Let It Come Between Us is The follow up to last year’s acclaimed ‘Nose Dive’, it’s also their most audatious record yet. Recorded at Mt. Slippery, a converted silver-smith factory on the outskirts of Philadelphia, PA late in 2014 with idols Scott McMicken (Dr. Dog) and Nathan Sabatino (Golden Boots /Labyyyrnth), the band has evolved on us again, delivering a more mature, considered and spare album. Citing influence from Mazzy Star, Karen Dalton and of course Dr Dog, the band recorded the album in a cabin-fever filled two weeks, sleeping on blow-up lilos at the studio and only venturing out into the cold for the odd grocery run. Thematically ‘Sorry I Let It Come Between Us’ still mines the world of heartache and pain, as well as providing more space for Nkechi Anele’s enchanting voice. The album embraces the current makeup of the band, while giving a solid nod to their past.