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Ross Hannaford has had a tough year while he fights a hideous disease but the remarkable Hanna when faced with a potential end has found a new beginning. The legendary Daddy Cool guitarist was greeted at the start of 2015 with the news that he had a vicious strain of cancer. Instead of giving up, it made him work harder. Ross Hannaford has had some of his best gigs in the past 12 months with support from his many friends. The positive vibes have rejuvenated Hanna, one of Australia’s most loved and legendary guitarists, into a newfound creative cycle. Instead of laying in a bed, Ross Hannaford laid licks in a studio and has recorded a brand new album ‘Hanna’. He will launch the album in what will be his final show for the year (well don’t hold us to that) at the Caravan Music Club in Melbourne on December 10.