ROBIN TROWER ‘Time and Emotion’ CD

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Robin Trower is back with perhaps his best solo album since he was in his 40s… considering Robin is 72, that is saying a lot!  It is not that Trower’s recent efforts are not worthy, but rather that his latest release Time and Emotion is so damn good.

“The Land of Plenty” opens the album with that distorted, loud and wah-wah soaked Fender guitar that has made Robin a god among men amongst guitar nerds.   “What Was I Really Worth to You” follows the opening track up and proves right away this is not one of those albums by older dudes with one song that is killer followed by ‘filler’.  Nope… this offering is solid from beginning to end.

Trower’s smooth-as-buttah guitar licks, screaming solos and ethereal bluesy vocals keep the listener hooked.  Sure, we have plenty of songs by Robin Trower that have that same kinda riff that opens “I’m Gone” but dammit, we can always use one more!  Robin has a vibe, a voice and a presence on his instrument that transcends time and space.  He plays from the soul and he is as intoxicated from the music he creates as his listeners.