ROBERT FINLEY ‘Goin Platinum!’ CD

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The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach calls Robert Finley “the greatest living soul singer”. Thus, he has signed the 63-year-old to his label, produced him, written the songs (along with the likes of Nick Lowe and John Prine) and paired him with stellar musicians from Elvis sidemen to legendary “guitar man” Duane Eddy.

The results are decidedly retro-modern – that bit too well produced to have been authentically blaring out of a roadside bar in the 1960s – but are steeped in blues and soul and a lot of fun. Finley wraps his gravel chops around playful, mildly lewd, Tom Jones-type stompers (Get It While You Can), snaking swamp blues (Three Jumpers), breezy pop (If You Forget My Love) and aching, falsetto-driven, redemptive soul (standout closer Holy Wine). In truth, it’s all too well-worn and traditional to have much chance of “goin’ platinum”, but the big-hearted Louisiana man certainly deserves his chance.