ROADCASE ROYALE ‘First Things First’ CD

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Fronted by Liv Warfield of Prince’s New Power Generation and Nancy Wilson of Heart, ROADCASE ROYALE has a rich background in rock and R&B. Warfield, Wilson, and their bandmates bring their decades of experience from the upper echelon of the music industry to ROADCASE ROYALE, along with a renewed sense of direction and drive. Joining Wilson and Warfield are Warfield’s lead guitarist Ryan Waters and Heart veterans Dan Rothchild (bass), Ben Smith (Drums) and Chris Joyner (Keys). Each of these members shines in ROADCASE ROYALE, with their various sensibilities creating the group’s sensitive, passionate, and driving rock and R&B sound.
The laid back first single “Get Loud” starts off the album. The even flow of “Not Giving Up” picks up the pace some and Water’s guitar work makes the track one of the edgier ones on the album. Wilson and Smith drive “Hold on to my Hand.” Warfield’s voice shines on this track as she fluctuates between being soulful and powerful throughout.  Joyner’s wonderful keyboard playing is all over the positive track in  “Cover Each Other.” As the line goes, as friends and lovers, we “Cover Each Other,” well said!  Wilson takes lead vocals on “The Dragon.”  This track has nice guitar distortion to it and almost sounds a tad psychedelic. “Insaniac” might be the most complete track on “First Things First.”  This hard rocking blues based song has both Wilson and Waters playing off each other, bringing out the best in Waters.