RINGO ‘Give More Love’ CD

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“Jah bless Richard Starkey, rock’s mischievously minimalist id and Eternal-Optimist Emeritus, creative instincts forever stripping things back to their playfully swinging 4/4 peace’n’love-loving core. His umpteenth solo set is a well-timed all-star candygram. Paul McCartney kicks in basslines and Beatles screams on the hilarious war cry “We’re on the Road Again,” while “King of the Kingdom” is a giddily genteel reggae invitation to “sing praises for Haile Selassie.” Ringo caps it all with re-imagined faves, including a charming “Don’t Pass Me By” cut with Kentucky indie-folkies Vandaveer that ends with an reprise of “Octopus’ Garden” – a place he knows many of us would love to be alongside him.” – Rolling Stone