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Ricky Skaggs, one of bluegrass’ most talented musicians, and Bruce Hornsby, an expressive pop vocalist and pianist, first paired their talents six years ago for the appropriately titled album, Ricky Skaggs and Bruce Hornsby.

They are reunited for Cluck Ol’ Hen, a live album which was recorded during a previous tour together. This is not your everyday, run-of-the-mill bluegrass album. This is entertainment at its finest, with two of the most intriguing musical talents you will ever find. The vocals are flawless, the music dances with hints of folk and memories that get pulled out of nowhere. Ricky Skaggs is absolutely one of the best when it comes to the mesmerizing chop of the mandolin, and Bruce Hornsby brings a new, nostalgic flow to bluegrass that I’m sure will make this album a favorite. And that’s just the way it is.