PHISH ‘Big Boat’ CD

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Recorded in Nashville, New York and the band’s home studio, The Barn, in Vermont,Big Boat was produced with Bob Ezrin — who also successfully helmed the group’s best record since the ’90s, 2014’s Fuego, thanks to a balanced ear for Phish’s on-stage exuberance and sonic cohesion. In many ways, Big Boat feels like a tonal sequel, presenting another batch of straight-ahead rockers tinted with elements of gospel and blues (“No Men In No Man’s Land”) or dark funk (“Waking Up Dead”). Phish shows off a few new genre-blending shades, too, including the uplifting zydeco-flavored groove of “Blaze On,” the scorching feedback of Fishman’s rallying cry “Friends,” and the effervescent synths and electronic beats of McConnell’s “I Always Wanted It This Way.” Present as ever is the musical prowess and chemistry between members: the way Fishman’s versatile drumming locks in with Gordon’s buoyant bass, which also functions as melodic counterpoint; or the way McConnell’s army of keyboards and flutters of piano notes provide a bed for Anastasio’s blistering guitar solos, fevered riffs and subtle, dexterous precision.