PETE ANDERSON ”Birds Above Guitarland”

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Organic. With his latest release as a solo artist, Birds Above Guitarland, guitarist/vocalist/songwriter/producer Pete Anderson provides enjoyment for all those interested in old-style blues coupled with hints of funk, rock, zydeco and a bit of country, all while playing with an unmatched Telecaster tone.

Anderson has an interesting story: he began working blue collar jobs early and honed his craft by night, before moving to LA with the dream of becoming a professional musician. He was Dwight Yoakam’s musical partner, and is known as one of the pioneers of the roots-rock and Americana genres.

Anderson’s tone is simply phenomenal: organic and rich with a hint of twang, his solos are exactly what you would expect from a seasoned blues veteran. His partner in crime on this record is keyboardist Michael Murphy, who seems equally at home taming the Wurlitzer and B3 as he does on acoustic piano. The production of the record is phenomenal; it sounds just how an old-time blues record should sound. A tight horn section is the final piece to a great sounding record.