PAUL KELLY ‘Life Is Fine’ CD

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To everything there is a season. For Paul Kelly, it’s time to get the electric guitar out of the case again and make one of the most powerful albums of his career.

That’s Life Is Fine, where Kelly fires up with a band of long-time musical friends, captures all the excitement of them playing live in the studio, and delivers a record that crackles with an energy that is reminiscent of his finest ‘80s recordings.

Fans of one of our greatest songwriters can be sure of this much, though: Life Is Fine is one of Kelly’s strongest and most evocative albums, another treasure to sit proudly on the shelf beside any of his earlier classics..


Overall the album explores new and interesting sonic and instrumental territory for Kelly, with his recent releases being in collaborations, soul music and Shakespearean sonnets. That being said, one can still find familiarity laced through these bold new works. Kelly’s writing still resonates with powerful imagery and vivid settings, as well as the occasional and familiar injection of faith and religion for good measure. Fans of his formative work and ‘classics’ may not be completely sold on some of the material, however anyone who has followed his musical journey will surely see this as yet another powerful stride forward. – The Music

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