OVER THE RHINE ”Meet Me At The Edge Of The World”

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Male/female duos are very much in vogue nowadays; however, it is a pairing that Karin Bergquist and Linford Detweiler (husband and wife in real life) have used for over 20 years as Over The Rhine. Perhaps the current popularity of acts like Civil Wars, Shovel & Rope and She & Him will help put Over The Rhine more prominently on the radar? Their fine new album, Meet Me At The Edge Of The World, certainly showcases what couple’s skills as master songsmiths.
While grand in size (19 songs and nearly 70 minutes long), this double disc actually is very intimate and human. Although melancholia imbues the tunes, the songs never feel like they are wallowing in sadness. The lyrics express many positive qualities of love and desire amidst some darker imagery as Bergquist and Detweiler create an intriguing mixture of moods. Berguist and Detweiler have lovingly crafted a rewarding set of intimate, personal songs with tracks like “Favorite Time Of Light,” “All Of Ohio,” “Wildflower Bouquet” and the title track, in particular, standing out as gems that should last until the end of the world.