NICK CHARLES ‘Into the Blues’ CD

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Melbourne based performer, Nick Charles has spent the last 30 years honing his melodic fingerpicking style and writing skills. His music encompasses an eclectic mix of acoustic roots, including blues, folk and early ragtime, pre-war jazz, Delta and Piedmont. For his latest, multi-award winning recording, he revisits the blues: the music that inspired him to pick up a guitar in the first place. The sound he gets out of six and 12-string acoustic guitars, dobros and mandolins is huge and powerful. ‘Into The Blues’, once again showcases how well the six self-penned compositions sit nicely alongside the cover tributes to his mentors. As Charles states in the liner notes“Most of the tunes on this album have long been personal, as well as crowd favourites, and since my solo career began I’ve been asked on many occasions to record them. Some are close to the seminal recordings while some have developed a life of their own – performance does that over time, and I’ve learnt to let it happen.”