MANU KATCHÉ ‘The Scope’ – CD

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Drummer extraordinaire Manu Katché went to the Conservatoire, but his musical origins are to be found in rock music. Even though he has listened to a lot of jazz music, he hasn’t played that much of it. The case gets even harder to crack when you listen to his tenth album, The ScOpe, where he digs deep into the roots of groove music all the while incorporating more modern, technology-driven sounds. But the drums are still naturally at the center of The ScOpe, an electro album with both a carnal and a celestial touch – a sort of frenetic spasm lingering on with pleasure and revival.

If one considers how many different ingredients have been put all together in the LP, it’s a remarkable feat that Katché’s touch and signature sound is recognisable in all ten tracks. This is evidence of the level of stylistic coherence he has reached at this point of his career; he has really developed an immediately identifiable and exciting style. Plus, listening to Katché’s drumming is incredible – he truly deserves his place as one of the most famous and respected drummers on earth.

ScOpe is easily Katché’s most experimental record to date, and his open-minded and convention-busting approach to that experimentation is estimable. Behold a true master artist!