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Wow, talk about coining a sub-genre. This Aussie band have created a sound that can only really be described, or categorised, as ‘instrumental flamenco prog rock’. As left of centre as that sounds.

To further define it,  these guys create lengthy compositions with sprawling arrangements and high-level musicianship almost exclusively with flamenco guitars, bass and drums. And they do it without the aid of formal vocals and lyrics (there are occasional ambient vocals, horns and keys). Commercially, they are treading a very hard path, mining musical terrain like this, but man, do they sound like they are having an absolute ball while doing so.

Malcura II is 12 tracks and almost an hour’s worth of ridiculously authentic flamenco interplay, set against a kick-arse rhythm section, that is just so much fun to listen to it’s not funny.  At the same time, while the overriding vibe of the album is that of up-tempo exuberance, it also takes the listener through a bunch of different moods, colours and dynamics across the course of its length.

This band has truly created something unique and inspiring here. If you love flamenco and/or classical guitar, prog rock and just about anything in between, you will find much to enjoy here. Malcura II is different, but this is a good thing. Give it a try, we feel pretty sure you’ll LOVE IT!!

*ALBUM COVER FEATURES EXTRAORDINARY ART-WORK (with almost a sci-fi theme…giving absolutely no indication of the music contained!!)