LULUC “Passerby” CD

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Melbourne indie-folk duo Luluc moved to New York City in 2010. Now, they present Passerby, a restrained collection of tender songs. Nothing about Luluc happens quickly. From their formation, to the release of their debut album, Dear Hamlyn (2008), to the six years wait between that record and this follow-up, there’s something very considered about the way Luluc operate.

Passerby is completely understated. Randell’s lyrics are often quite friendly, but the way they’re presented frequently makes them sound gloomy. The darkness of the duo’s music is where much of the beauty is, though, and it gives these songs layers; there’s more to them than a casual listen may suggest.

With a record like Passerby, the virtue of patience is invaluable. Listen to it now, but take some time to savour it.