LOVE ‘Da Capo’ CD

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“Da Capo” is clearly a record that shows the rise of Love. The LP is fantastic, something The Beatles and The Rolling Stones would have wished to write and perform. In fact, the song called “She Comes in Colors” allegedly served as inspiration for “She’s A Rainbow”, the best song The Rolling Stones produced in (for them) ill-fated 1967. The LP has it all: heart, balls, energy, and great sound. It brings us lots of moments of inspiration: “Stephanie Knows Who”, psychedelic waltz, “Orange Skies”, psychedelic cookie, the charming “Que Vida”, maybe the very first punk song “Seven and Seven Is”, an instrumental “The Castle”, and psychedelic jewel “She Comes In Colors”. All these songs (bar “Seven and Seven Is”) are in the same mode as their upcoming masterpiece, “Forever Changes”, but they are played with electric instruments, the delivery is somewhat robust and punk-ish. In 1967 this LP sounded like The Next Big Thing in rock and roll, energetic, but special, universal and isolated in the same time, it is suitable for dancing clubs but also good for bedsitter.