LOS STRAIGHTJACKETS ‘What’s So Funny About Peace, Love & Los Straightjackets’ CD

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It’s safe to say that after three tours supporting iconic U.K. singer-songwriter Nick Lowe, no other band knows his compositions as intimately as this veteran Nashville-bred quartet. America’s favorite Mexican wrestling masked surf/twang/pop and roots-rocking instrumental combo was encouraged by Lowe himself to totally rethink these 13 songs they cover from his deep catalog on their 16th studio release.

Los Straitjackets have always explored new twists on their sound, which included adding various vocalists, recording a full disc of twisting nuggets and covering classic tunes that have influenced them over the decades. This is just one more related side trip in the band’s tenure and, as usual, they rip into it with typical vibrancy, rearranging Lowe’s material so creatively, these sound like Los Straitjackets originals. Imaginative cover art referencing Lowe’s 1978 debut puts the cherry on top of an inspired, lyric free homage to the “Jesus of cool.”.