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Appropriate to the title, Full Circle begins with the first song Lynn ever wrote, a wistful waltz titled Whispering Sea. “I was in my 20s when I wrote that,” she remembers. “See, I had four kids in school when I was 21 so I didn’t have time to start singing until I was 27. On the day I wrote it, me and Doo (her late husband Oliver Lynn) was fishing. …  I was up in this tree, with a line out in the ocean, and I just started writing it. It was nothing any hard. I just sat down and wrote, ‘The sea whispered to me. It brought back an old love affair that used to be.’”
Full Circle was cut at Cash Cabin Studio, built by the elder Cash in 1978. “I started recording maybe two years ago and just kept going,” Lynn says. “We ended up with 97 songs in the can, so when Sony Legacy called about doing this new album, I said, ‘Y’all come and just pick out the ones you want.’”