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Lior releases his fourth album, Scattered Reflections. The album, which was written parallel to the completion of a collaborative orchestral project alongside composer, conductor and friend, Nigel Westlake, is the accumulative product of Lior’s travels.
“I do find that travelling is a great inspiration for songwriting,” Lior admits, outlining the way in which he was able to piece together every experience on the road and turn them into songs. “It doesn’t always happen actually when you’re there, but I find that it fills your mind with images and experiences that you can use in later years and draw and reflect upon.

“I didn’t feel pressure to make [the album] more mature, but I did feel a pressure to make the album quality. The fact that a group of people had put their faith in my creative vision – I tried to keep it very pure and follow my creative muse, but obviously there’s that thing in the back of your mind that people have pitched in and they’ve funded the record, so you hope that they like it.”
Commencing not long before the album’s official release, Lior will be taking Scattered Reflections on the road. Unsurprising in light of Lior’s fondness for travelling, the tour will see him spending a lot of time along the east coast, stopping at regional venues and festivals both with his band and in some intimate solo shows. Despite his concern about its reception, Lior feels confident that it will translate well on stage, particularly given the contribution of his new band members, the usually jazz drummer Evan Mannell and Holly Throsby percussionist Bree Van Reyk. “I think the band is a really interesting mix of musicians and the arrangements are really wonderful and there’s also an element of the album that has a very acoustic and lyrical thread that people might be more used to, so I think the eclectic nature of the album works in this way.”