LINDI ORTEGA ‘Til The Goin’ Gets Gone’ CD

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‘Til The Goin’ Gets Gone’ is the hotly anticipated new EP from Canadian country singer-songwriter Lindi Ortega, and the folow up to 2015’s full-length release, ‘Faded Gloryville.’ ‘Til The Goin’ Gets Gone’ features the stark title track, as well as a brooding cover of Townes Van Zandt’s “Waiting ‘Round to Die.”

When Lindi Ortega went in search of some quiet last year, the award-winning artist was pleasantly surprised to find a voice she hadn’t heard in some time – her own. Amid sparse, atmospheric production, it’s precisely this voice – a combination of Ortega’s fatalistic perspective expressed with her evocative soprano – that grips your attention on ‘Til the Goin’ Gets Gone.’

A dogged resilience permeates this unadorned collection – three originals and Van Zandt’s “Waiting ‘Round To Die.” The songs are the hard-won spoils of an internal war with words that struck after an extended stretch of touring, addressed in the EP’s title track about the detours and ditches that a traveling musician faces.