KELLY RICHEY ‘Shakedown Soul’ CD

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“Shakedown Soul” is Kelly Richey’s 16th album in her 35 year career as a Master guitar slinger.  The album is an unprecedented mix of urban/indie in-your-face, raucous rock n roll, blues, funky bass grooves, and synthesized electronica— complete with DJ scratching and drum loops; with added elements like horns, strings, and synth sequencing that combine to make “Shakedown Soul” a one-of-kind, phenomenal sonic wall of sound that will have you foot stomping and head banging one minute and completely mesmerized the next.  Richey’s husky alto vocals and raw, ultra personal songwriting will leave you introspective, speechless and wanting more. Her guitar work on this album is truly exceptional— the songs retain her signature Strat sound, but Richey steps out of the box to incorporate new melodies and synthesized guitar sounds that sit perfectly within the concept of the album.