KELE OKEREKE ‘Fatherland’ CD

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on Fatherland, the British indie rock hero trades in his synthesizers and DJ equipment for an acoustic guitar, finally feeling happy in his own skin, now comfortable releasing an album under his full name Kele Okereke. The corresponding album art, filled with bright greens and yellows, depicts his face, unobscured by any shadows or lighting, save for a few leaves.

This is Kele Okereke without any sort of filter, with no muddied production, urgent drumbeats, or guitar effects. Fatherland represents a confessional and straightforward Okereke, finally telling his story on his own terms with little else separating his voice and acoustic guitar from his audience, with the exception of a few horns.

The end result is a very naked and exposed Okereke, one that we haven’t seen before. Now that every bit of excess has been largely stripped away, Kele’s talents shine through like never before.