KEB MO “Bluesamericana” CD

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Here it is, BLUESAmericana. Kevin Moore’s 11th full length album released under the name of Keb’ Mo’. Anyone who has followed him this far into his career knows that Keb’ Mo’ is not the type to experiment wildly. The only curveballs he’s thrown us over the years were two albums of mostly covers (Big Wide Grin and Peace…Back by Popular Demand) and a Christmas EP (The Spirit of the Holiday), and even those didn’t shortchange us on any of the down home country blues that he’s molded into a style of his own. Keb’ Mo’ is like your favorite stew—you know how it’s going to taste, which is why you keep going back to it. You refer to it as “consistent” rather than “predictable”. The return of the same traits comfort instead of bore you. As my wife said when I played this album in the living room, “it sounds like… Keb’ Mo’!”