KATE BUSH ‘Before The Dawn – Live 2014’ 3CD

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This 155-minute, three-disc live album documents Kate Bush’s spectacular 2014 live shows, her first in 35 years. She reckons with her legacy through what might seem like an obscure setlist. Bush’s recent life as a “reclusive” mother is often used to undermine her, to “prove” she was the kook that sexist critics had pegged her as all along. These performances and this record are a generous reveal of why she’s chosen to retreat, where Bush shows she won’t disturb her hard-won peace to sustain the myth of the troubled artistic genius. Between the dangerous waters of “The Ninth Wave” and the celestial heavens of “A Sky of Honey,” Before the Dawn demystifies what we’ve fetishized in her absence. Without draining her magic, it lets Bush exist back down on Earth.