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In spiritual circles the dragonfly is seen as a symbol of change, so perhaps it’s no surprise that Kasey Chambers chose it as the title of her new double album. Certainly it’s shorter and less confronting than calling it Divorce, Career Crisis, Single Parenting, Throat Surgery and Betrayal, the subtext to the singer’s changing life over the past few years.

The title is symbolic also of a shift in musical direction for the 40-year-old songwriter, who, since the release of her debut album, The Captain, 18 years ago has evolved as an artist whose oeuvre stretches beyond traditional country music. Most of all, Dragonfly launches Chambers in a new guise as a singer with a voice that is strengthened, revitalised and tonally altered by surgery to remove nodules and a cyst in 2015.

Chambers said working with Paul Kelly on the album “was a dream”, also adding: “Paul brought out a whole new side of me, but then I also got to enjoy the comforts of recording with the person who knows and has shaped my original sound better than anyone, my brother Nash, along with my live touring band who have become a huge part on my sound. This double album shows who I am as much as any piece of work I have ever done.”