JOHN HIATT & RY COODER ‘Live At The Cotati Cabaret’ CD

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Song writing supremo John Hiatt’s professional relationship with multi-instrumentalist and slide guitar maestro Ry Cooder has been a long and rewarding one. Hiatt played guitar and contributed two songs to Cooder’s 1980 album Borderline, and, along with his band of the time, backed Cooder on his 1980 tour. Ry returned the favour, by performing alongside John and group on their 1982/83 tour, and he further backed Hiatt on albums like ‘Bring the Family’ The pair’s most famous collaboration however came in 1992 when, alongside Nick Lowe and Jim Keltner, the Little Village super-group emerged and released one album, and then toured extensively. The duo also famously co-wrote the magnificent ‘Across the Borderline’ (from Cooder’s 1987 album ‘Get Rhythm’). The recording featured on this CD is taken from a Radio Broadcast of a gig by Hiatt and band – plus Ry Cooder on slide and electric guitars – played at the Cotati Cabaret, in Cotati, CA, during the winter of 1983, shortly after the release of John Hiatt’s ‘Riding With The King’ album.