JOE LOUIS WALKER ‘Everybody Wants A Piece’ CD

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Joe Louis Walker is one of the most interesting guitarists on the contemporary blues scene, not to mention one of the most prolific; 2015’s Everybody Wants a Piece is Walker’s 25th album since he made his debut with 1986’s Cold Is the Night, and it hardly sounds like the work of someone padding his résumé. Walker is a player who keeps his music lively by mixing up the formula, folding plenty of rock, R&B, and Latin influences into his work instead of laying out the typical 12-bar figures all over again, and Everybody Wants a Piece finds him shaking it up with impressive results, especially on the wah-wah-fortified and rocked-up cover of “Witchcraft,” a slinky interpretation of “Wade in the Water” that mixes up gospel and funk influences, the rollicking boogie-woogie of “Buzz on You,” and the slide guitar shuffle of “35 Years Old.”