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Welcome to the new era of blues guitar.  Since Sister Rosetta Tharpe we haven’t had a female guitarist of Joanne Shaw Taylor’s spirit and drive, and since SRV we haven’t had a blues player with such a gift for improvisation.  As the saying goes, you have to see it to believe it.  Hence the DVD which is packaged along with the CD into Joanne Shaw Taylor’s new release recorded live earlier this year at London’s Borderline club.

The video footage proves what fans have known for years:  Taylor is a virtuoso of spectacular finesse and inner fire.  While her previous three studio albums knocked you out with spellbinding songwriting and note-perfect chops, her knack for improvisation has long deserved a live release. Expansive, wild, and at times non-linear, live her solos become guitar-fest marathons, but always keep your attention hooked with a perfect sense of form and melodic edge.