JOANNE SHAW TAYLOR ‘Reckless Heart’ – CD

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Having famous fans such as Joe Bonnamassa and Glen Hughes, and being described by Jools Holland as “a dazzling talent”, it’s hard to deny that Joanne Shaw Taylor has certainly mastered her craft and become one of the worlds most formidable guitar players. Having signed to Sony/Silvertone at the beginning of 2018, Joanne is back for her 6th album Reckless Heart, which was recorded during the summer of 2018 at Rust Belt Studios in Michigan.

Reckless Heart is propulsive, the energy infectious. Taylor sucks you in from the album’s first note and doesn’t let go. Her voice is raspy and worn – actually the perfect voice for this kind of music, which is not so much intimate in its sound, but is intimate in how its energy tunnels directly into the listener. It’s a master class in how to lasso an audience without being in the room with them.

There main reason that Reckless Heart works so well, other than Taylor’s voice, is that she’s a fantastic blues rock guitarist. Her rhythm work is stellar, but her lead work is wonderfully old school, her solos pure blues energy. The album is also sequenced and paced perfectly. The songs of Reckless Heart have a common thread; the album is cohesive. But there’s just enough tempo and style variety to make it feel like a journey. We’re impressed!