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Jimmy Tait is not just another white boy with his guitar singing songs about love. In fact Jimmy Tait isn’t a boy at all, but the solo project of songwriter Sara Retallick, who’s just released her second album Golden and its lead single All My Friends.

Retallick named the band after her late grandfather, a drover from Katunga – a tiny country town about three hours northeast of Melbourne – which is a fitting back-story given her music is steeped in a dark Australian aesthetic. This darkness is ever-present in All My Friends, a slow burning alt-country lament. “All my friends sitting on the fence/They’ll never rush to my defence” Retallick sings in a tone that casts shadows across the instrumentation, striking just the right balance between melancholy and sweet. And it’s Retallick’s voice, soaked in such audible sadness, that ultimately makes this song so compelling.

All My Friends and the album Golden – out now through Spunk – was recorded in Retallick’s family home (which is featured on the record cover) in Katunga with the current Jimmy Tate lineup: Sunny Leunig (guitar), Sam Johnstone (drums), Adrian Stoyles (bass) and Roshan Khozouei (keys).