JIMI HENDRIX “Rainbow Bridge Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” CD

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Continuing in the vein of The Cry Of Love, the first official posthumous Hendrix album, Rainbow Bridge explores new guitar styles and textures. All the songs, except for a solo studio version of The Star Spangled Banner are written by Hendrix and mostly performed with Mitch Mitchell on drums and Billy Cox on bass.

The songs on Rainbow Bridge represent material in various stages of development and were never finalized or approved for release by Hendrix. Four of the songs on the album, along with the ten songs from The Cry of Love and three from War Heroes, were planned for Hendrix’s followup album to the live Band of Gypsys released in March 1970. These songs were later included on First Rays Of The New Rising Sun in 1997, which is the most fully realized attempt at completing the double album Hendrix was working on at the time of his death.