JESS RIBEIRO ‘Kill It Yourself’ CD

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Soulful, ominous, edgy and ethereal all rolled into one, Jess Ribeiro’s new release unravels personal stories that show how much she’s grown as an artist.

Her soothing vocals shine through, evoking an emotional connection to every track. Album namesake Kill It Yourself combines desolate lyrics that contrast with angelic vocals, gentle instrumentation and ambience removing the song’s harsh meaning about our disconnection from how society prepares its food. Changing up the mix, Rivers On Fire adds another dimension by including saxophone and heavy guitar riffs, which unleash the roughness of the track together with repetition of the song’s title and slurred words within. Unfamiliar Ground recalls a dishevelled love story that is accompanied by minimal percussion and guitar, which leaves the lyrics to resonate wildly within. Hurry Back To Love is a standout, as Ribeiro’s vocal dynamic shifts so dramatically, layered with a grungy guitar and cymbals. If You Were A Kelpie goes back to her country roots and rounds out the album’s natural happy-go-lucky feel.

Ribeiro collaborated with Mick Harvey on Kill It Yourself to produce an album that incorporates elements of subtle and psychedelic rock, ambience, folk and alternative country. An enlightening storytelling experience you’ll want to cherish forever.