JEN MIZE ‘Warnings & Wisdom’ CD

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Jen Mize is one of Australia’s best-kept secrets in songwriting. The Boston Conservatory trained singer & multi-instrumentalist has enriched her own songwriting over the past six years and received strong acclaim.

Jen has quite a few songwriting heroes, and it shows. With influences like Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, John Prine & Ray LaMontagne, it’s easy to say that Jen has good taste, but good taste can only take you so far.

Jen says she’s “dug in when it comes to the craft of songwriting…It’s not enough to be drawn to the greats” she says, “you have to really get into a song and identify what makes it so special”. With her forthcoming album “Fear, Pride & a few Stubborn Angels”, Jen has done just that.

Jen feels she has come home with this new album. “Living abroad in Australia has been amazing for me” says Mize, “ but it’s made me the tiniest bit homesick and that has brought out the essence of who I really am with the Americana style.” “In fact, I wrote one of the tracks, “Biscuits & Gravy”, from a simple place of being hungry and craving southern cooking, and it wasn’t too much of a leap to use that idea as a metaphor for good simple things.”

An accomplished storyteller, Jen conveys an innate understanding of the human condition through her insightful lyrics and honey-dipped melodies. At any Jen Mize performance you will hear that, like her cornbread, her songs are rich, warm, tasty, and filled with love.