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Emerging from the Nashville-esque gloom and grit of Melbourne’s inner-northern suburbs, Jemma & The Clifton Hillbillies tomorrow release their debut album, a tour de force of Americana laced with enough Australia to make it truly unique.

Originally coming together as Jemma & Her Wise Young Ambitious Men in 2012, the group “dropped some adjectives in 2014”, and started playing and recording under the current moniker. Fronted by Jemma Rowlands, TCHB boast a who’s who of Melbourne, all of whom come together as a warm, lush whole on the band’s eponymous debut cut, available September 25.

“The songs for the record were all written in the house it was recorded [in], down the road from the bar and venue Some Velvet Morning, where most of the musicians on the record can be found, and many tabs to be paid for from the night before,” Rowlands tells. “We wanted to keep the sense of the community in the record, in its content, and with who was able to play on it.”