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On Jeff Tweedy’s (lead singer of Wilco) new solo album “Warm” theĀ  lyrics appear to have taken a turn for the personal with a willingness to tackle subjects such as death, ageing and, in Bombs Above, the art of songwriting itself: & leave behind a trail of songs/ From the darkest gloom to the brightest sun. Standout track Don’t Forget is about the events surrounding the death of Tweedy’s father last year. On the irresistibly singalong Let’s Go Rain, meanwhile, he hopes for a biblical flood to wash away the ills of the world, while I Know What it’s Like showcases his gift for a winning melody. But for every upbeat arrangement, there’s a more introspective counterpart, the closing How Will I Find You being particularly skeletal. Thirty years into his career, Warm shows that Tweedy is as absorbing as ever.