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Now, 12 years after his debut, Javier Colon is back, signed by the much more adult-friendly Concord label for his fourth full length album, Gravity. The now 38 year old Colon has further honed both his sound and his message to one that is all is own (he wrote or co-wrote all but two songs), and he has brought with him top tier collaborators The Underdogs (Tank, Charlie Wilson, Tamar Braxton), Harvey Mason, Jr. (Tyrese, Jennifer Hudson), and the legendary Tommy Sims.

While the whole of Gravity is eminently listenable, a couple cuts stand out: The title track (and first single) is a beautiful, haunting ballad about a man who has cheated and is suffering its consequences, even as he rationalizes its inevitability.  Just as good is Sims’ joyous production (including full horn section) on the big duet, “For A Reason,” a song where Colon’s enviable pipes are given a run for their money by singing partner Nikki Leonti.