J. MASCIS “Tied To a Star” CD

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The first words you’re likely to hear in relation to J Mascis’ Tied To A Star are, “acoustic” and “country folk”. Indeed, this album, co-produced with Dinosaur Jr. collaborator John Agnello, was made by using acoustic guitars, bass and drums – the instrumental signifiers that common for these genres. But, to call it “folk” or “acoustic” would be to foolishly imply that it’s recorded in the laid back style often credited to these words. In actual fact the mood and delivery of Tied To A Star is as raw and immediate as Mascis’ efforts with Dinosaur Jr, embracing ten unhurried and spacious songs about fleeting love and flailing happiness, all plucked and shredded by a beloved veteran spirit. It’s certainly has a more “rock” temperament than anything else. So, any snide jabs about old indie-rockers turned limp and lame folk-singers need not apply. Yee hath no business firing at this star.