ICEHOUSE ‘Plays Flowers’

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On 10 October 1980, a young Australian band called Flowers released their debut album.

Led by the singing, songwriting and multi-instrumental talents of Iva Davies, the band had been constantly touring Australia over the prior 3 years building a substantial live following which helped drive their debut single, Can’t Help Myself, to masses of airplay and sales.

To celebrate this 40 year milestone, ICEHOUSE performed the songs from the album, and some very special cover versions which marked the band’s beginnings, earlier this year at a 40th anniversary event on the beach at St Kilda Festival in Melbourne (which was also celebrating its 40 years).

The Icehouse album spawned 4 x Top 30 singles in Australia and both the album and singles quickly found major chart and sales success here and in New Zealand.  The success caught the attention of many international record companies and the band signed to Chrysalis Records in early 1981. But there was a problem – there was another band called Flowers which controlled the name in some territories.  So after much soul searching, Flowers became ICEHOUSE and the album was released into the international market.

Iva Davies shared his thoughts on the new ICEHOUSE plays Flowers album:   I knew it would be a tough set to keep up with. But what I wasn’t prepared for was the explosion of energy that possessed the band that night. These were, after all, songs played by a band that had its roots in the hard and fast punk movement of the late 70’s. (and we were only in our early 20’s at the time so we had plenty of energy!).