GUY CLARK ‘The Best of The Dualtone Years’ 2CD

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Even in the midst of the losses that made 2016 such a sadly memorable year, Guy Clark’s death last May seemed particularly painful. Yet like Leonard Cohen, his worn, dusky narratives always appeared as a kind of ill-fated prelude to an inevitable demise. His was a pervasive sadness that summoned both hope and heartache all at the same time. Indeed, it was a voice that spoke to the desperation and longing within all us. While it didn’t always emphasize optimism, it did make us feel like none of us are not alone, even in our bleakest moments. The completist gets three bonus tracks in the form of unreleased demos at the end of the disc, and in these spare renditions, his cracked cadence finds a natural fit. A fitting requiem for a legacy so movingly and lovingly pursued.