GRAHAM NASH ‘Over The Years’ 2CD

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‘Over the Years’ is a collection of demos made from 1968 to 1980, is an outstanding new release from Graham Nash. The songs are brilliantly under-produced, raw and naked, mainly recorded with just acoustic guitar and piano over Nash’s vocals. And although several feature cosmetic flaws — being out of tune, or containing flubbed lyrics, etc… they still feel fresh and original. The oldest songs were recorded 50 years ago by the 76-year-old Blackpool, Lancashire native. That was around the time Nash left the Hollies and relocated to Los Angeles, a tumultuous time for the singer and the world around him. Recorded mainly on his acoustic, the songs perfectly reflect the warmth, energy and clean vocals for which Nash is known. Over two discs, ‘Over The Years’ features 15 classic Graham Nash songs plus 14 unreleased demos and mixes.