GLEN PHILLIPS ‘There Is So Much Here’

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There is something to the voice and music of Glen Philips that is purely comforting. Both in his work with Toad the Wet Sprocket and his solo work, there’s an ease and simplicity to the melodies Philips writes that softens anxieties.

Even the more blustery rock songs here evoke good feelings. The crispy pop rock opener “Stone Throat” doesn’t stray too far from Toad’s sound (though the wah wah guitar brings a hint of funk into the mix), with its lyrics about a new relationship mining hope from dark times. Even better is “I Was a Riot”, with it’s ska-lite guitars, reggae-toned bass and shimmering keys creating a lush arrangement for the lyrically reflective song.

Glen Philips smartly utilizes his solo outings to experiment and broaden his palette, so There is So Much Here is aptly titled. You can hear the singer-songwriter venturing into new sounds, and he clearly spent time on his lyrics, avoiding platitudes and cliches while still expressing himself in relatable ways. It’s the kind of album that makes you want to go back and reexamine Philips’ catalogue.