GLEN HANSARD “It Was Triumph We Once Proposed” CD

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On It Was Triumph We Once Proposed…Songs of Jason Molina, Hansard displays just how deep his affinity for his friend’s music runs. Each of the five songs on the EP is drastically rearranged from its original version; however, Hansard still keeps within the confines of Molina’s aesthetic. Part of this can be attributed to his backing band of musicians who played with Molina during his Songs: Ohia days. In many ways, this is Hansard’s final fan letter. Each song feels like a poignantly delivered eulogy for a harrowing life. “Hold on Magnolia” may be the saddest of Molina’s many sad songs, but hearing Hansard sing these words when we know Molina never will again is devastating. The bright side at the end is that Molina’s voice lives on in his music.