GEORGE EZRA ‘Staying at Tamara’s’ CD

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George Ezra is a storyteller more than anything else, though the British singer-songwriter’s deep baritone is what gets the most attention.

That may change with his sophomore album, “Staying at Tamara’s”, which brings together an eclectic mix of ’50s simplicity, spiky Afro-pop, and Ed Sheeran-esque pop-folkiness for an interesting collection of travel-inspired tales. Ezra is at his best when he is straightforward, whether it’s the peppy call-and-response of the first single “Paradise” or the ’50s crooning he does in the timeless ballad “All My Love.” However, Ezra’s experiments in Paul Simon-like world beat in the upbeat, South African sweetness of “Shotgun,” which sounds like a potential summer anthem, and the lilting beauty of “Sugarcoat” show the 24-year-old’s ongoing growth as a songwriter and storyteller, as he describes a dreamy trip to Johannesburg.

Throughout “Staying at Tamara’s,” Ezra establishes himself as a talent as serious as his voice, while keeping the mood light.