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On a gloomy day in late May 1996, Eva Cassidy and her bandmate Chris Biondo were on the road to a remote factory in rural Virginia with the goal of collecting copies of her new record Live At Blues Alley. Funded in full by Cassidy, using cash from her day job in a plant nursery, it was the second release in almost a decade for Eva, and while the pair didn’t know it at the time, it would be the final record that Eva would ever make.

27 years later,  the acclaimed singer-songwriter, who passed away of melanoma cancer at age 33 , has gifted the world with a hauntingly beautiful new posthumous record I Can Only Be Me, thanks to a landmark collaboration with The London Symphony Orchestra.

Where previous posthumous releases for the American artist showcased the raw talent and emotional depth of Cassidy, highlighting her one-of-a-kind voice with a purity and clarity that was both angelic and soulful, 2023’s release with The London Symphony Orchestra provides a previously unheard side of Eva’s work.

Cassidy’s original vocal parts have been isolated and painstakingly restored and enhanced to reveal previously unheard levels of clarity and depth. The result is an emotive, atmospheric album, familiar yet different, lush soundscapes accompanying pristine vocals.