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Eleanor Friedberger’s new album ‘Rebound’ is named for a club in Athens, where the New York resident took in and embraced the sounds of electronic music–not her normal wheelhouse, she’ll admit–at the tail end of a month-long trip to the country. The cover of the album features gaudy neon approximations of Grecian design, as well as an image of a barefoot Friedberger dressed for a party. The title and image exude playfulness and exuberance–the story of the phoenix rising from the ashes of past melancholy. But despite the ghostly impressions of club backbeats and the economical, even schoolyard-simple hooks, ‘Rebound’ is imbued with a vague loneliness, a sense of detachment tempering its broader, romantic moments. With scraps of narrative told through letters, photos, and blurred memories, Friedberger’s fourth album comes across as a meditation on distance and miscommunication as much as an Instagram-ready tale of a revelatory vacation.