Dyson Stringer Cloher

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Dyson Stringer Cloher – is the iconic project of three of Australia’s most accomplished and dynamic songwriters, Jen Cloher, Mia Dyson and Liz Stringer.  We have been huge fans & long time supporters of all 3 of these incredibly talented women & this truly is a ‘match made in heaven’.  A great record that will be in our ESSENTIAL list for 2019 for sure!  As Mia & Liz spend most of their time overseas these days, the opportunity to see them live is rare, touring the album around the Country through November – grab your tickets NOW!! 

Dyson Stringer Cloher formed on a whim and released an EP in 2013 which they then took on the road, playing over 40 shows around the country. Each then pursued their individual careers to great acclaim and respect. Between them they made a further six solo albums, won multiple awards and toured EVERYWHERE.

The self titled album was recorded and mixed in eight days at The Loft, Chicago in April, 2019. It’s affirming to hear. Music made in the moment. Many of the takes and vocals are live. Each of these three remarkable artists are a story on their own. Each has embarked on many journeys, faced challenges and stared down all the hopes & dreams. But together they bring something forward that only exists in the best collaborations. Something greater than the sum of their parts. A kind of magic.